Dogtra 2702 T&B Trainer/ Beeper for two collars

Dogtra 2702 T&B Trainer/ Beeper for two collars

Waterproof transmitter and receiver
2-Hours quck charge
Liquid crystal display
Stimulation level 1-127
Range 1600 m
Low and high simulation level
Belt clip
Adjustable sound level
Receiver beeper horn
Nick/constant stimulation

Dogtra​ 2702 T&B new generation compact, waterproof training collar for serious hunting in the mountains.

Възпитателна каишка за обучение на две кучета Dogtra 2702T&B
Възпитателна каишка за обучение на две кучета Dogtra 2702T&B
Brand Dogtra
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Dogtra 2702T&B Trainer/ Beeper Collar is the same as the model 2702T&B, but it is designed and comes with two collars.

Dogtra 2702 T&B is a 1 dog system in the next generation Training & Beeper shock collar.

This unit is designed for the discriminating upland hunter.

Dogtra's new 2702 T&B has the beeper horn built into the receiver, thus eliminating the bulky horn that sits on top of your dog's head like other beeper units. It has also a vibration feature.

The beeper has a 400-yard range and a dual high and low three-level volume adjustment selector switch for the run/point mode and locate only mode.

The unit is fully waterproof with a one-mile range and has 127 levels of momentary and continuous stimulation.

The rheostat dial allows for gradual adjustment of stimulation. The Locate Mode has a high or low pitch selectable toggle switch.

While in the Running/Pointing Mode the collar will emit a slow beep when the dog is running and resume to a rapid beep when the dog is on point.

While in the Pointing Mode the collar will remain silent while the dog is running and when the dog goes on point it will begin to emit sounds.

There are 3 levels within the tones. The transmitter has an LCD window that displays the intensity level, along with a 3 bar battery life indicator.

up to 1600 m
from 0 to 127
Nick and constant stimulation modes
Напълно водоустойчив приемник и каишка
Battery indicator
Tri-color LED battery life Indicator
Lithium polymer 2 hour rapid charge batteries
LCD screen displays exact level of stimulation
0.9 kg.
  • 1 pcs. Transmitter
  • 1 pcs. Receiver
  • 1 pcs. Battery charger
  • 1 pcs. Cable splitter
  • 1 pcs. Test light
  • 1 pcs. Carry pouch
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