Action camera Cambox V3+ 10MP Sony lens with 135 degree viewing angle

Action camera Cambox V3+ 10MP Sony lens with 135 degree viewing angle

Cambox V3+ is the perfect action camera for your adventures - compact, easy to use and with impressive recording quality.

Action camera Cambox V3+ 10MP Sony lens with 135 degree viewing angle
Brand Cambox
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With the Cambox V3+, you get everything you need to capture your most exciting moments with impeccable quality and convenience. The set includes: Cambox V3+ camera, 32GB Micro SD card to store your recordings, USB-C cable for charging and data transfer, Velcro fastener for stable placement of the camera, practical canvas bag for storage and carrying, cleaning cloth on the lens for clear and flawless photos, a metal reset hanger in case a reset is needed, and a detailed quick start guide for easy setup and operation of the camera.

The Cambox V3+ is equipped with remarkable features that allow you to capture every detail of your adventures. It features Full HD recording capable of 2K resolution at 30 FPS and Full HD at 1080HD at 60 FPS for clear and vivid videos. The 2-core processor ensures fast and efficient data processing, and the 10-megapixel lens allows you to capture high-quality photos. With a wide angle of 135°, nothing will fall out of your recordings.

Additionally, the Cambox V3+ offers software image stabilization that ensures smooth and clear recording even during fast-moving or intense activities. The stereo microphone provides crystal clear sound for added impact to your videos.

Using the Cambox V3+ App, which works via Wi-Fi, you can control your camera remotely, adjust settings and preview footage directly from your smartphone. So you can always be sure to capture every unforgettable moment.

With its compact and easy-to-carry design, the Cambox V3+ is compatible with 99% of helmets and provides quick and easy installation. The included Velcro fastener and the ability to adjust the camera under the visor ensure a stable and secure fit, without the risk of injury or damage to the helmet. The camera also has the ability to connect to external power via a USB C cable, which extends recording time and ensures you never miss important moments.

With the Cambox V3+, your adventures will be captured with clear, vivid and vivid details that you will be able to share with friends and family along with the unforgettable emotions of your experiences.


Cambox V3+ App
2 Cores processor
10 Mpx
2K 30 FPS, Full HD 1080HD 60FPS 720 HD 60FPS
Maximum working time
70 min
USB output
SD card slot
до 256 GB
0.3 kg.


  • Cambox V3+
  • 32GB Micro SD card
  • USB-C cable
  • One Velcro fastener
  • One fabric pouch
  • One lens cleaning wipe
  • Metallic Reset Pin
  • One quickstart guide



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