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 Thank you for choosing SPYBOAR is an online store specializing in innovative hunting products, security equipment, camping, hunting equipment and various goods. We are experts in the assessment of the parameters of digital hunting cameras for photographic cameras and electronic feeders.

We help you grow in hunting - enjoy !!! 

As you can see in details on the web site, we offer a variety of unique products, our experience helping to give best infomration and advices we lerned so far. In addition to the sale of mountain equipment, digital cameras for game shooting, hunting cameras, photo cameras and electronic feeders, we offer postpaid services as well as garage and post warranty service. Our long experience dates back to 2008 when we first used a hunting camera in combination with a feeder. works with proven American, Chinese and German companies, which significantly increased the quality of the goods offered, as well as the experience we have gained.
Some of our major partners are: GSM Outdoors LLC (USA), Pradco LLC, Moultriefeeders (USA), Boly Guard (China), Spromise (China), Uovision (China), Skanfriends (Germany), Hagopour (Germany),Numaxes (France).


Forrestam Ltd. is in partnership with Spybor Ltd owns a service for trail cameras, we carry out repairs of hunting cameras, automatic feeder kits and various electronic hunting equipment as hunting sensors, game ears e.t.c.
Spyboar maintains diagnostic of hunting cameras offers by other online shops as well as models offered by All warranty and post-warranty products must be sent to:
Forestcam LTD, 12 Stara Planina , city: Troyan, PC: 5600, country: Bulgaria , tel: +359884145282

Loyal customer program

Dear friends,

SPYBOAR has created Loayl customer program to say thank you for all of you during all over the years of trust you had to We are always trying to give our best, giving best quality products with longest as possible time of exploitation.
Loyal customer program is a discoint program which giving you an extra discount when you shopping frow our web store.
The program works easy and understandable for the you customers, to use the program you must be registered user and order only through our online shop. As many as orders you dо as more a discount you receive.

Conditions for participating of Loyal customer program are as follow:

  1. You must register with profile of our page
  2. All products with symbol Target are paticipated in the program
  3. Turnover is calculated based on all purcahsed products and status of orders is complited
  4. The price for shipping is not calculated for the turnover of all orders.
  5. Products in section sale do not participate in Loyal customer program, but they participated for acumulation of turnover.

DIscount levels

SILVER - when you finish order with value over 255 euro. You got 5% discount for every next order of products signed with symbo target. 
GOLD - when you finish order with value over 515 euro. You got 7 % discount for every next order of products signed with symbo target.
PLATINIUM - when you finish order with value over 1024 euro. You got 10% discount for every next order of products signed with symbo target.

Happy shoping !

About us

We  WWW.SPYBOAR.COM are small but united. We are partnering with colleagues from different areas, which delivers a diversity in our online store. Our experience since 2007 when we used trail camera for fist time giving a big experience. Taking photos, observing and caring for wild animals are hobby, dessire and pasion for our team which developed to profesion. Lack of objective infomration in trail cameras and feeders  market as well incorrect data and parameters from manifacturers contributed for creation of

Our goal is clear: Providing right and honest customer information helping our customers to be focused at what it really needs, rather than products full equiped with capabilities that will not be used by users.

We are not only a trade web store but informative as well.  Ar SPYBOAR.COM you can get accurate,and right information about the real abilities and parameters of hunting camerаs and feeders. The web store was created for people with different activities, as: photo hunting, enviromentalists, and campsites. Hobbyists and people engaged in amateur and professional hunting.

We have categories that everyone can find something interesting. Happy surfing.