Hunting blind with a 3-metre high tower

Hunting blind with a 3-metre high tower

The blind with a tower is a pleasure that every hunting lover deserves - with its 360-degree view from the 3-meter tower with a small veranda.

Сглобяемо чакало за лов
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Hunting chair with 360 degree silent rotation, foldable and easily portable for blinds and ground use


Welcome to a new era of hunting, where stealth and comfort converge in our new Tower Blind. Designed with the modern hunter in mind, our hunting tower provides the ultimate vantage point, allowing you to observe, track, and secure your game with unparalleled precision.

Look at hunting with new eyes - camouflage and comfort can be compatible! The new jackal provides a 360-degree view, designed with the modern hunter in mind, and enables the observation and protection of game with unparalleled precision!

Key Features:

  • 360-degree visibility: a panoramic view guarantees you, not a single moment is missed. The strategic design of the three-meter tower allows you to observe the game in its natural environment without the animal sensing you.
  • You stay dry and the wind is no longer a problem. Weatherproof construction - Built to withstand all weather conditions, constructed from 3 cm thermal panels with high-density foam to protect you from rain, wind, or snow so your hunting experience remains unaffected by the weather. The walls retain heat, they are wind resistant, provide excellent sound insulation, prevent condensation, and provide fire protection.
  • The vents maintain the oxygen level. The floor is solid, steel-reinforced with a sound-insulating layer. The six-panel walls are built with easy-to-grip connections. The blind is equipped with 3 horizontal and 3 vertical tempered glass windows, which are the perfect addition to the facility for hassle-free hunting.
  • The tower blind is designed to blend seamlessly with nature and hide you. Enjoy the advantage of being virtually invisible to your target.
  • Easy and safe access using a ladder with non-slip treads.
  • Share the thrill of hunting with your colleagues - the tower accommodates up to 3 people.
  • Internal dimensions of the shelter - 183 cm *183 cm * 216 cm

Note: Make sure your hunting activities comply with local regulations and ethical hunting practices. Safety should always be a top priority.



platform - 3 m cm
Tower height
3 meter
The landing material
Floor - solid, steel-reinforced with a sound-insulating layer
roto-mold roof
Cup holder
6 pcs tempered-glass windows
Walls of 3 cm thermopanels with high density foam
Internal dimensions of the shelter - 183 cm *183 cm * 216 cm cm
430 kg.


  • 1 pcs.  blind 



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