Hunting camera Spormise S688 4G/LTE with MMS/email sending option and GPS coodinates

Hunting camera Spormise S688 4G/LTE with MMS/email sending option and GPS coodinates

New generation hunting camera with the latest technologies for animal shooting and home security.

GPS coordinates. Send video. High resolution. 4G/LTE technology.

Built-in GPRS module and SMS control.

Camera with invisible infrared backlight.

Ловна камера Spromise S688 4G/LTE с MMS/email функция и GPS координати
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Lead rechargeable accumulator battery Lava 12V/5Ah
Micro SD Memory Card SanDisk Ultra – 32 GB class 10, transfer date rate 98 MB/s
Solar panel with power 10W and voltage 12V for feeder kits and hunting cameras
Trail camera power cable LTL Acorn, Acornguard and Spromise
Charger for lead rechargeable accumulator battery S-Charge 12V

Spromise S688 4G / LTE and GPS coodinates option 

This hunting camera features some of the latest technology for animal shooting and home security. Made of rust resistant material. Spromise S6888 works on 4G / LTE networks and send you pictures and video with information about the GPS coordinates where the camera is mounted.

The game camera has a wide range of features, as well as a Bulgarian menu and an option to send FULL HD VIDEO.

Along with the standard features that most photo gadgets offer on the market, this digital camera can be used primarily to process data and send MMS and SMS.It has a built-in GPRS module and SMS control, which allows you to make various camera settings or set to send a snapshot of the moment.

The camera shoots high-resolution photos and video. Spromise S688 4G / LTE sends pictures to an e-mail or high-resolution phone without compressing them.

The camera has an invisible infrared backlight (4 pcs. 940 nm LEDs), making it ideal for both hunting and security purposes.

We have developed a special application, which helps you viewing your images directly. You can control your images from your phone. It sents notifications when a new image occurs. 

NOTE: The camera can not send a video if the band falls to 2G. The video is sent only when there is a 3G signal from mobile operators.

12 V
Detection range
25 m
24 Mpx
Trigger time
0.4 seconds
Battery indicator
Picture size
24Mpx;12Mpx; 10Mpx; 8Mpx; 5Mpx; 3Mpx
FOV=110° °
IR flash 940 nm wavelength invisible
IR flash range
18 m
LCD display
2" "
Video lenght
1-30 s s
Video with sound
Burst Mode images per triggering
PIR sensor sensitivity control
high / normal / low / off
Time Lapse
Yes, up to 24 hours
Over-Write SD card
SMS control
Battery AA - 12pc. 1,5 V
External DC power supply
12 V
Stand-by current
0.08 SMS off mA
Operating temperature
from -20°C to +60°С
Operation humidity
5% - 90%
Trigger interval
Programmable - 0 s - 60 min
Picture info bar displays
Time-hour, date, temperature, moon phase
SD card slot
up to 32GB
English manual
142 x 106.5 x 85 mm
0.5 kg.
  • 1 psc. Motion camera Spromise S688 
  • 1 pcse. Belt
  • 1 pcs. Antenna
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