Trail camera Browning Strike Force Pro DCL with up to 39 meters flash and 26 MP camera

Trail camera Browning Strike Force Pro DCL with up to 39 meters flash and 26 MP camera

Hi resolution
Powering with batteries type AA
Compact size

The most feature-rich camera in the Strike Force lineup is the Strike Force Pro DCL.

Browning Strike Force Pro DCL
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Micro SD Memory Card Samsung – 512 GB class 10, with Adapter
Lead rechargeable accumulator battery Lava 12V/5Ah
Solar panel  10W with controller 6/12 V for feeder kits and hunting cameras


The Browning Dark Ops Pro DCL is a specialized no-glow trail camera designed to maximize clarity and range in all light conditions. The Pro DCL is a dual-lens camera and, as with older models, this multi-lens system ensures the camera is always optimized to take sharp photos and videos in daylight and low light or night conditions. A key feature of the Pro DCL is its RADIANT 6 Infrared Illumination System and this no-glow model utilizes 6 invisible LEDs to further enhance and improve the clarity of night images.

The flagship camera in Browning’s Strike Force series of trail cameras is the Strike Force Pro DCL featuring “Dual Camera Lens Technology” and the ability to produce 26MP images.  Using innovative design, the camera has a custom-tuned daytime camera lens to produce razor-sharp daytime images, while the dedicated nighttime camera lens takes incredibly clear images in low light conditions. To further enhance the nighttime images, the new RADIANT 6 Infrared Illumination system has been integrated to deliver unmatched nighttime performance in a trail camera with a flash range that can extend out to an amazing 130 feet/ 39 m.  Delivering shockingly fast 0.15-second trigger speeds, legitimate 1080p full HD videos, a wide view 54-degree viewing angle, 100ft / 30metre detection range, and reliably long battery life from just 6 AA batteries, it’s easy to see why this camera’s performance can be described as The Best There Is.

This camera takes 26MP images and records in full HD video (1920 x 1080p) onto an SD card (up to 512GB SDXC memory cards supported). Its lightning fast 0.15s trigger speed and impressive 0.35s recovery time will ensure you never miss a moment. It has a compact design compared to most other trail cameras allowing it to sit comfortably in the palm of your hand. The camera records images and videos in full colour during the day and records in black and white at night using no glow infrared LEDs that provide an invisible illumination of up to 24m. These LEDs can be adjusted between various settings to balance distance and power consumption and provide the optimal setup for your camera. The trigger speed is adjustable from 0.1 - 0.7 seconds, allowing you to suit the speed to your target species. A smart IR video function continues to record footage as long as the animal is active in front of the camera (max. 2 mins in day, 20s at night).

Another helpful feature of this camera is its internal 3.80cm (1.5”) colour screen which is accessible via a front-facing panel, enabling you to change settings and review footage without removing the camera from its position in situ. You can capture up to 8 multishot images and 8 rapid-fire images as well as set a time-lapse with the Dark Ops Pro DCL's Timelapse Plus camera mode. The delay between pictures is adjustable (between 1 second to 1 hour) and the picture info bar shows time, date, temperature, moon phase, barometric pressure, and camera ID. Additional features include SD card management options and a Smart IR Video setting that allows the camera to continue recording wildlife during the daytime for up to 5 minutes. Power is supplied by 6 x AA batteries.

NB! This camera is sold with a delivery time of 3 weeks.


12 V
12 Mpx
Trigger time
0.15 seconds
Recovery time
Picture size
26 MP
FOV=54 °
IR flash 940 nm wavelength invisible
IR flash range
30 m
LCD display
1.5" "
Video size
1920 x 1080 Full HD
Video lenght
1 - 120 s
Video with sound
Burst Mode images per triggering
1 - 8
Tiled of view
30 m
PIR sensor sensitivity control
Time Lapse
Batteries AA - 6 pcs 1,5 V
External DC power supply
12 V
Power consumption
150 mA
Operating temperature
from -10°C to +40°С
Operation humidity
from 20% to 85% - non-condensing
Trigger interval
Programmable - 1 s - 60 min
Picture stamp
Time-hour, date, temperature, moon phase
SD card slot
from 8 GB to 512 GB
Low battery indicator
108 x 76 x 63 mm
0.8 kg.




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