Used 4G online camera TSEEU SD61G-30X with SIM card, PTZ, 30 X optical ZOOM, for outdoor installation

Used 4G online camera TSEEU SD61G-30X with SIM card, PTZ, 30 X optical ZOOM, for outdoor installation

4 season
PTZ ( pan–tilt–zoom camera)
Sim card
12V battery powering

4G online DOME camera TSEEU with SIM card, PTZ, 30 x ZOOM, WIFI-hotspot.

4G камера за охрана
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TSEEU camera - TSSD48G for real-time video surveillance, outdoor installation, PTZ and 30 x ZOOM.

2MP TSEEU is a camera from a brand-new generation of real-time surveillance cameras.

You put a sim card power it on that is it now you watch in real-time. The camera is convenient for use in non-internet location, but in locations with mobile carrier coverage. You put a SIM card and that's all you watch with Android, iOS or Windows APP while the camera is becoming an internet router through WIFI-AP.

The camera is equipped with a memory card TF slot on which you record the video information. To avoid unnecessary recordings, the camera has a motion recording feature, so you will only record video when it is in motion. From the app, you can watch and download video information at any time of the day (the camera must be ONLINE).

The night vision is by 7PCS array IR LED+3PCS Laser LED, night vision distance 200m. The build-in microphone supports two-way audio

TSEEU cameras are managed with an application to change a wide range of settings. The application is free to download on Android app store and iOS store: CAMHI PRO.

Some of the basic settings are:

  • Alarm (sensitivity level)
  • Recording (length and size of the clip)
  • System settings, E-mail (send you pictures when there is a motion in front of the camera), FTP (record on a server).
  • PTZ function (pan, tilt, zoom), right to left, up and down, zoom in and out
  • Camera movement is done by touching the phone by sliding left and right (0 ° to 355 °) and up and down (0 ° to 90 °).

Use the application to take photos or a high-resolution video image.

With real-time viewing, you can use the application to record what you are seeing or take a picture that is recorded on your cell phone, and when the motion sensor is triggered, it is recorded on the TF card. Your app saves you big money, you do not even have to go to the camera to download your recorded video files.

The subscription plan we offer comes with 1.5GB 5GB or 10GB of traffic.


2 Mpx
30 X
IR flash range
200 m
via 3G, 4G, WIFI, LAN
2.4 kg.


  • 1 pcs. camera TSEEU SD61G
  • 1 pcs. power adapter 12V / 2A
  • 1 pcs. camera mount 
  • 4 pcs. screws with 4 pcs wall mount



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