4G outdoor Pan-Tilt camera TSEЕU S30 built-in solar panel and build in Li-ion battery, 2MP

4G outdoor Pan-Tilt camera TSEЕU S30 built-in solar panel and build in Li-ion battery, 2MP


  • Solar 4G camera with real-time surveillance 
соларен панел 3.5W
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4G външна Pan-Tilt камера TSEЕU S30 с вграден соларен панел и вградена литиева батерия, 2MP
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4G camera with integrated solar panel and battery, no need for electricity, cables or adapters.

With a built-in solar-powered Li-Ion battery, this IP camera is extremely easy to install and use. The solar panel can be removed from the camera and put in place with better access to light.

You're inserting a SIM card and that's all you have to do. The camera is convenient for use in places with lack of internet access and electricity, but at least there is coverage of mobile internet by a GSM carrier. The camera is suitable for places such as entrances and exits of buildings, fish farms, farms, construction sites, orchards and all places you need to observe.

The inductive light of the camera illuminates as soon as one enters its range. This is done by 2 Led lights of 0.75W each.

The camera has 2 powerful infrared LED that illuminate range at night time up to 10m. Each LED is 0.5W.

The camera is equipped with a TF memory card slot of up to 128GB on which to record video information. A 32GB card can be used for about 64 days (about 9000 videos in 30 seconds) each video will be uploaded to the cloud and there is no need to worry that it may be lost. Once the card is filled, it automatically starts chronologically.

The cameras are controlled by an application that allows you to change a wide range of settings. The app is free to download: UBell.

Here is a list of basic settings:

  • Alarm (sensitivity level)
  • Record (video length and size)
  • Rotation angle: 355° horizontal and 120°vertical
  • Rotation speed: 55°/s horizontal,40°/s vertical
  • The camera also records video with sound
  • i-CAM +  application.
  • Two-way audio

Through the app, you take high-resolution photos or video.

When viewing in real-time, you can use the application to record what you see or take a photo that is recorded on your phone, and when triggered the motion sensor is recorded on the TF card. The application is giving the ability to download recorded video files and you don't even have to go to the camera.

The water resistance level is IP65. With a sleek design and easy installation, the camera is perfect for both hunting and security.

Support 6 pcs.18650 lithium battery. Supports 6 18650 batteries. Battery life will be affected depending on when the camera wakes up and how often it happens. It is therefore advisable in a busy environment for people to turn off the PIR sensor or set it to low sensitivity to reduce waking up and extend battery life.
When the battery charge decreases, please charge immediately.
If the camera works constantly, the batteries will last about 2 hours.

We offer two major mobile internet packages for the A1, Vivacom or Telenor operators of your choice, and depending on the scope at which the camera will be mounted:

Economy subscription plan, 15lv. with VAT per month unlimited bandwidth and fast speeds up to 5 GB.
XL subscription plan, 25lv. with VAT per month unlimited bandwidth and fast speeds up to 10 GB.


2 Mpx
Detection angle
IR flash range
20 m
Video with sound
USB output
Operating temperature
SD card slot
up to 128G
265mm×175mm(Solar panel);150mmx90mmx80mm(camera) mm
1.005 kg.


  • 1 pcs. camera TSEEU
  • 1 pcs. camera mount 
  • 1 pcs. bag of screws with dubel wall mount
  • 1 pcs. USB 



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