GPS tracker Intelink Pet 210 with GSM connection, unlimited range of action

GPS tracker Intelink Pet 210 with GSM connection, unlimited range of action

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The GPS tracker is the perfect accessory for dog hunting, you can see your dog's real-time location via mobile phone applicatoin "Emergency Alarm System" Intelink

GPS проследяващо устройство за куче Intelink Pet 210
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GPS dog dog strap Intelink Pet 210 with GSM connection, with SIM card

GPS tracking device for dog is a specially designed device, allowing to monitoring the pets, using GPS technology and mobile phone application.

GPS PET 210 is the smallest GPS tracking device that can be placed on a dog or other pet.

The built-in antenna allows the small GPS device to receive signals without problem.

Device works vie mobile phone application Emergency Alarm System" Intelink, which can be downloaded free.

The system allows you to see in real time with a slight delay where your pet is located.

The GPS tracking device for a dog has a Geo-fence option to see the tracker in the designated area. So you understand that the object you are tracking is on the move and has left its territory.

The tracking device is suitable for hunting. Particularly suitable for hunting dogs, as they can trace the history of the dog's route of movement. So the hunter will have information about whether the dog is in the right direction, and the path that has passed in the hunt process.

It is equipped with an alarm function that is triggered when the object comes out of the Geofence zone, the GPS device turns on and reports the actual location of the object. When the target or dog is outside the Geo-Fence area, the Intelink Pet 210 GPS will automatically turn on and send a signal to your phone with the location of the map.

There is a built-in u-blox MAX7 GPS module that supports fast AGPS positioning in urban areas by identifying the mobile cell without a GPS signal.

Note: The GPS device necessarily works with a SIM card, we offer an annual subscription to all Bulgarian mobile operators at the amount of  72 euro per year.


IP 65
Muzzle option
Standby mode - up to 880 hours mA/h
Low battery indicator
Low battery alarm - device sends notifications to your phone
68.5 x 37 mm (length х width) mm
0.055 kg.


  • 1 pcs. tracking device Intelink PET - 210 GPS
  • 1 pcs. charger
  • 1 pcs. manual in English



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