Feeder Kit American Hunter RD Pro 16 feed times with 60 - liters steel barrel

Feeder Kit American Hunter RD Pro 16 feed times with 60 - liters steel barrel

Digital timer
16 feed time per day
Feeding time 1-30 sek
6V battery powering
Week timer

Set of automatic freeder with digital timer and metallic 60 liter canister, perfect combination of good price. Includes everything needed for immediate use.

Автоматична хранилка с метален варел
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Automatic American Hunter Digital Feeder with 60-liter Bidon
Equipped with all necessary rope, metal hooks and drilled holes for mounting the feed.
The hanging feeder is perfect for use on uneven terrain, as well as in a dense forest where you can easily hang it on a tree.
The metal canister has a capacity of 60 liters and is fitted with a tightly closed lid with a hoop to protect the food from birds and other pests.
The metal barrel is provided with a strong rope that is clamped on metal rings on both sides.
The quantity of scattered food depends on the voltage and current of the battery, as well as the purity of the corn or the type of food used. The feed is powered by a 6V battery (not supplied). The plastic box from which the feeder is made is time-resistant.
The use of a charged battery and clean food guarantees the following dependencies:
  • 450 g - 3 sec
  • 900 g - 6 sec
  • 1350 g - 9 sec
  • 1800 g - 12 sec
  • 2250 g - 15 sec
  • 2700 g - 18 sec
  • 3150 g - 21 sec
The metal 60-liter binon is especially suited for use with the feed.
Note: The metal barrel is used, scratches or abrasions caused during transportation and drilling are possible.


Feeding times per day
up to 16 times
Feeding time control
from 1 to 30 sec.
Week timer
Feeding direction
Circle at 360° in radius of 10 meters
external battery (not included) 6 V
of steel barrel 35 (diam) x 65 (height) cm
8 kg.


  • 1 pcs. Number of American Hunter RD-Pro feeder with 16 feeding times
  • 1 pcs. Instruction in English
  • 1 pcs. Metallic 60 liter barrel



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