Digital Night Vision Monocular MG - 15 GSCI

Digital Night Vision Monocular MG - 15 GSCI

Battery AA

Night vision monocular MG - 15 is the first generation night vision device designed for different target groups designed to monitor moving and static objects during dusk or full darkness. 

Brand GSCI
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Digital Night Vision Monocular MG - 15 GSCI

The device can be used for different purposes - for short-range orientation, indoors, or to observe various objects up to 300 m in length. The body of the appliance is made of a reliable aluminum alloy that is durable and durable, while the upper rubber layer gives comfort while holding the appliance in your hands.

The convenient on / off switch makes it easy to press quickly for better camera control. The button can adjust the current status of the device at any time. Thanks to the invisible infrared illuminator, it is possible to use the monocular in full darkness and control the volume of light from the invisible luminaire. Built-in bright-light protection automatically turns off the device when it detects excessive brightness, preventing the lens from disturbing image integrity. Using the F80 lens makes an X4 zoom when used with the monocular.

There is a possibility of mounting an additional infrared illuminator, which significantly increases the detection and detection distance. The device can be mounted on a headrest which makes it very handy, thus securing the device in the optimal way to your head, making it the best place to get close to the real eye view and improves the images during intense movements. With extra clamps, the device can be mounted on daytime appliances and can be used with less light.

Note: The product is sold only upon prior request.


Built-in infrared filter
Focus range
25 mm to infinity
Diopter setting
Field of scope
40 degrees
Operation mode
300 meters distance in Night View mode
26 mm °
1 battery type АА 1.5 V
136x47x70 mm
0.3 kg.


  • 1 pcs. Packing Box
  • 1 pcs. Soft carrying Case
  • 1 pcs. Battery
  • 1 pcs. Battery adapter CR123A 3V / AA 1,5V
  • 1 pcs. Lens Tissue
  • 1 pcs. Instruction Manual with Warranty Card
  • 1 pcs. Special Wrench
  • 1 pcs. AWReC (Advanced Wireless Remote Control) #94
  • 1 pcs. Picatinny adapter for AWReC (Advanced Wireless Remote Control)
  • 1 pcs. Light Suppressor for Day Scope
  • 1 pcs. Light-Suppressor 1
  • 1 pcs. Light-Suppressor 2
  • 1 pcs. Light-Suppressor 3
  • 1 pcs. Quick Release Mount
  • 1 pcs. ARMASIGHT by FLIR XLR-IR850 Detachable X-Long Range Infrared Illuminator



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