L-Shine LS-650 digital monocular with invisible night vision light

L-Shine LS-650 digital monocular with invisible night vision light

L-Shine LS-650 6 × 50 digital monocular. Suitable for night hunting, camping, night boat trips and any other activities performed in low light.

L-Shine LS-650
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The L-Shine LS-650 6 × 50 is a digital night vision monocular, equipped with an 850 nm infrared illuminator, video recorder and the ability to operate in any lighting conditions.

The L-Shine LS-650 6 × 50 uses a CMOS sensor with a resolution of 2592×1944 px, which can operate both during the day (color image) and at night (monochrome image).

The device has a built-in infrared LED illuminator operating in the 850 nm band, a wave invisible to wildlife. The infrared illuminator provides a real range (at night) of up to 350 m, which is an outstanding result in this class of devices.

The L-Shine LS-650 6 × 50 has a fixed optical magnification of 6×, with the possibility of using a digital zoom of 1-5×, and a large 50 mm lens with high light transmission.

Thanks to such parameters, a hunter in the hunt, is able to see the anatomical details of the game at a distance of 100-200 meters, while maintaining a relatively large field of view.

The use of the L-Shine LS-650 6 × 50 is not limited to hunting only. The night vision monocular can be successfully used by security agencies, foresters, boaters and people who simply want to conduct night observation of their surroundings.

The night vision monocular has a rugged construction, resistant to weather conditions (according to IPX4 standard). The housing is made of durable plastic and rubber, which contributes to a secure grip and comfort.

The lens, which is the most sensitive part of the device, is protected by a 5 mm thick rubber ring, so that in case of a fall or impact, the chances of survival of the optics are much higher.

The L-Shine LS-650 is equipped with a weaver mounting rail that allows mounting any infrared emitter in this mounting standard.

Unlike classic analog night vision devices, a huge advantage of digital devices is their insensitivity to harsh light.

The digital CMOS sensor also provides the ability to record images. The L-Shine LS-650 takes photos (5 Mpx) and allows video recording (HD 720 p) directly to an micoSD card (up to 32 GB).

With this feature, we can not only capture the beauty of nature, but also document a theft or other crime.

The L-Shine LS-650 is powered by four popular AA (LR6) batteries. A mini-USB port also allows the device to be powered by a power bank or directly from the mains.

A TV-OUT jack allows you to output the signal to the device and display the recorded image or video on a TV, or monitor.

TheL-Shine LS-650 6 × 50 digital night vision device generates clear and sharp images in HD resolution, variable magnification and an impressive night range of up to 350 meters.

Illuminator features:
high resolution CMOS sensor 2592×1944 px (5 Mpx),
fixed optical zoom × 6, with an additional 5× digital zoom,
built-in illuminator with a wavelength of 850 nm,
long range up to 350 m,
easy-to-read 1.5" TFT LCD display,
ability to take pictures with a resolution of 2592×1944 px,
1280×720 px video recording,
ability to be powered by 4 AA batteries or power bank


Built-in infrared filter
Video size
850 nm
Slot for TF card
9X Digital ZOOM
Picture size
4 AA batteries (not included)
1.5 TFT high resolution display
0.765 kg.


  1. L-Shine LS-650 6 × 50 digital night vision device
  2. USB cable
  3. TV cable
  4. carrying case
  5. lens cloth



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