Feeder kit with digital timer Moultrie ATK with 4 feeding times

Feeder kit with digital timer Moultrie ATK with 4 feeding times

Digital timer
Circle feeding
Powering with batteries type AA
4 feeding times
Feeding time 1-20s
Compact size

Small size, user friendly batteries included. Excelent choice for low cost.

автоматична хранилка с цифров таймер moultrie ATK
Автоматична хранилка Moultrie AТK с цифров таймер и 4 времена на хранене
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Add accessories
Duracell alkaline batteries AA - 1.5 V (4 pcs.)
Rechargeable battery Fujitsu type AA - 1.2 V/2000 mAh, Ni-MH (4 pc)
Solar panel  10W with controller 6/12 V for feeder kits and hunting cameras


Automatic digital Moultrie ATC feeder with 4 feed times
Small, lightweight, portable and easy to use. According to www.spyboar.com, the Moultrie ATK model with 4 feed times is the easiest to use feeder.
The perfect size and weighing of 600 grams make it perfect for any need. You can carry it even in your backpack. The feedstock is equipped with everything you need to get started with it instantly (even 4 AA batteries included).
Yet you only need to add bucket and food.
Do not use feed that has mineral dust in it and the grains/pellets are larger than 0.63 cm in size.
A scale with the amount of food scattered for a certain number of seconds can be found below. ?
  • 4 sec - 0.400 kg.
  • 6 sec - 0.460 kg.
  • 8 sec - 0.600 kg.
  • 10 sec - 0.703 kg.
  • 12 sec - 0.900 kg.
  • 14 sec - 1 kg.
  • 16 sec - 1.1 kg.
  • 18 sec - 1.3 kg.
  • 20 sec - 1.4 kg.
The pot is suitable for absolutely any kind of dishes. It is fastened quickly and easily. The plastic box, which is sturdy and stylishly crafted and a metal swivel plate.
Moultrie ATK is capable of mounting a solar panel (the panel is only compatible with the use of rechargeable batteries)
  • The LCD screen you are setting up


Feeding times per day
up to 4 times
Feeding time control
from 1 to 20 sec.
Feeding direction
Circle at 360° in radius of 7 meters
Feeder kit digital timer
4 pcs. batteries AA 1.5 V
0.2 kg.


  • 1pcs. Feeder kit with digital timer Moultrie ATK with 4 feeding times


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