Nordik Predator Pre- Tuned call for predators

Nordik Predator Pre- Tuned call for predators

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Nordik Predator Pre-Tuned call suitable for predators 

Звукова примамка свирка Nordik Preda tor Pre - Tuned
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Nordik Predator Pre- Tuned

Specially developed to meet the demands of calling predators under Nordic conditions.

The call is simple to use and its mouth piece is freeze proof.

The call can produce a wide variety of sounds that have a very long range (30-40 meters).

The mouth call is pre-tuned at four basic sounds by the notches on the mouth piece.


This whistle sounds that exceed 115 decibels, recommend the use of ear protectors (plugs or ear plugs).

How to use:

Sounds of a mouse to imitate the sound of a mouse, place the rubber ring in the most extreme position of the whistle (to mouth) and naduvajte short intervals.

Rabbit and European rabbit in trouble this signal is very easy to imitation.

Place the rubber ring of the second (European rabbit) or the third (rabbit) position, her lips around the middle of the membrane of the whistle.

Insert the end of the pipe between the forefinger and thumb and through contraction and dissolution of the fingers to form a "funnel" of different size.

Roll and dissolve the funnel in sync with the air supply in the whistle.

Practice and gain experience and when confidence in sound, basic imitation experiment!!! This can be only beneficial. Place the rubber ring at the base of the whistle and depending on where you position your lips on the membrane will reproduce sound with different thickness (like the voices in people). With different variations of submitting portions air in the whistle, the longer or shorter, will imitate various situations sounds (like from different animals). If you want to make the sound more painful, put the whistle sound "Grrr".


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