Nordik Roe call for roe deer

Nordik Roe call for roe deer

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Suitable for roe deer.

Звукова примамка свирка Nordik Roe
Brand Nordik
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Nordik Roe call for roe deer

This call is developed specially for calling Roebuck. It is pre-tuned for all the sounds you need, simply move the rubber band between the two outermost notches on the call to change sound. This call has a double sound board that can be used to control the volume. If you want a softer sound, cover the large hole on the underside of the call with your thumb. Alternate contact / agitation / agony sounds with some minute between for 20-30 minutes / stand

How to use

  •  to mimic the sound of a female deer mating season: place the rubber ring of the first situation noted. You were going through a short and sharp. Use when the objective is to attract the roe deer.
  •  to mimic the sound of a small Fawn: place the rubber ring on the second position and bite down on it with teeth to reach the desired sound, first blow with bite and continue with the granting of the teeth. This will produce a sound resembling a little Fawn in trouble and will attract the predators in the area.
  •  volume control: Cover with your finger part of hole, located in front of the sound, thus will increase/decrease the power of the amount of you sound.
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Roe deer
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  • 1 pcs. Nordik Roe suitable for Roe Deer
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