Auto digital feeder kit American Hunter DF 25 directional fish feeding

Auto digital feeder kit American Hunter DF 25 directional fish feeding

Digital timer
Week timer
Directional feeding
6V battery powering
16 feed time per day

Fish feeding trough, directed spreading.

Електронна хранилка American hunter DF 25
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American Hunter DF-25 electronic feeder with directional spraying
An American Hunter automatic Feeder is designed specifically for feeding fish. It is suitable for hunting fields as well as for fish farms.
DF-25, with a dedicated throw, makes automatic fish feed an easy task. In addition to feeding fish, the feed can also be used to feed game or domestic animals.
The difference between targeted and circular spraying is that the food is thrown into a concocted section ahead, which satisfies the different needs of the user.
Digital clock provides the right diet, as well as the regulated number of meals per day: 1 - 16 times a day.
The amount of scattered food depends mostly on the condition of the battery and the purity of the food.
If you observe these conditions, the amount scattered will be as follows:
  • 450 g - 3 sec
  • 900 g - 6 sec
  • 1350 g - 9 sec
  • 1800 g - 12 sec
  • 2250 g - 15 sec
  • 2700 g - 18 sec
  • 3150 g - 21 sec
Once you mount the feed correctly and enter the desired settings, the grounding process is an easy task. Feeding the automatic feed feeder is with a 6V battery (not supplied).
Note: The funnel outlet on the feeder itself must be directed to the feed point, because the feed is right through this feed. The food should be sifted through a sieve so that there are no impurities, and so on.


Feeding times per day
up to 16 times
Feeding time control
from 1 to 30 sec.
Week timer
Feeding direction
Directional feeding
6V external battery (not included) V
1.1 kg.


  • 1 pcs. Feeder kit
  • 1 pcs. English manual



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