Breed training dog strap Canicom 800

Breed training dog strap Canicom 800

Range 800 m
Two dogs

Up to 800 meters range.

Remote control works with 1 or 2 CANICOM collars for training.

Електронна възпитателна каишка Canicom 800
Brand Canicom
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Breed training dog strap Canicom 800

Can not control your dog? Is not he trained? The Canicom Lift Pen allows you to adjust its behavior so that it is safe for yourself and others.

Traditional dog training techniques do not work with a large number of dogs, which is why thousands of dog owners also trust Canicom's professional straps.

They help the training by taming the dog and thus avoiding unpleasant incidents. The Canicom 800 feed leash sends a combination of electric impulses to the dog for training. The strength of the strap is not the power of the pulses, since even the minimum setting attracts the dog's attention.

Depending on the way you use the transmitter, the range of the collar can be up to 800 m. The repeated repetition will cause the dog to get used to the pulse from the strap and make a connection between it and the command you are sending. The range of up to 800 meters is sufficient for training both for racing and hunting dogs.

The strap itself weighs no more than 100 grams, along with the built-in transmitter. The radio transmitter from which the commands are delivered is provided with a large LCD display showing the selected pulse frequency and the battery level. The impulse frequency can be precisely tuned to different levels. You can add a second training collar. Easily adjust radio coding collar via remote control: you can encode the collar for an indefinite time or with the same remote control or a new range from the CANICOM range.

Note: The product is sold only upon prior request.


up to 800 meters
from 0 to 15
Battery indicator
Индикатор за изтощена батерия на дистанционното управление
Battery indicator
Low battery collar indicator
Remote control
Remote control works with 1 or 2 CANICOM training collars
Dog suitable
1 kg.


  • 1 pcs. CANICOM training collar
  • 1 pcs.  3 V CR2 lithium battery for the collar
  • 1 pcs.  800 CANICOM remote control equipped with 3 V CR2 lithium battery
  • 1 pcs.  nylon carrying case
  • 1 pcs.  neon test lamp



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