Dogtra 1210 NCP dog training leash

Dogtra 1210 NCP dog training leash

Waterproof transmitter and receiver
2-Hours quck charge
NIck Constant Pager
Liquid crystal display
Stimulation level 1-127
Range 800 m
For dogs as small as 15 kg
Low and high simulation level
Belt clip

Dogtra 1210 NCP training dog strap for medium sized breed (about 15kg).

Електронна възпитателна каишка Dogtra 1210 NCP
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The Dogtra 1210 NCP dog training leash

If you have difficulty dressing up your hunting dog with traditional methods and you can‘t teach him to perform even simple commands, then you can trust to Dogtra.

The 1210NCP Dogtra Pusher sends a combination of electrical impulses for training purposes. The strength of the strap is not the power of impulses, as even a slight impulse attracts the attention of the dog.

Depending on the way you use the transmitter, the range of the collar can be up to 850 m. The repeated repetition will cause the dog to get used to the pulse from the strap and make a connection between it and the command you want. The range of 850 meters is sufficient for training both for sports and for hunting.

The strap is lightweight, weighing no more than 200 grams, along with the built-in transmitter.

The radio transmitter which the commands are delivered is provided with a large LCD display showing the selected pulse frequency and the battery level.

The impulse frequency can be precisely set at different levels - from 0 to 127. The radio and receiver are waterproof. They have the pager function which once presses the button located at the front of the receiver, causing the strap to vibrate for seconds. This is a great method of training.

The device has separate buttons for continuous pulse.

Filtering technology does’t allow radio interference to interfere with other devices such as pacemakers, etc.

The digital microprocessor offers thousands of unique codes to avoid matching the frequency of another Dogtra strap. There are models that allow 2 dogs to be trained simultaneously with only one transmitter.

Note: The product is sold only upon prior request.




up to 850 meters
Water resistant receiver, collar and transmitter
Shows exact level of stimulation
2 kg.


  • 1 pcs. strap
  • 1 pcs. receiver



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