Feeder Kit American Hunter R Pro with 4 feeding times

Feeder Kit American Hunter R Pro with 4 feeding times

Analog timer
Circle feeding
6V battery powering
Feeding time 1-30 sek
Feed time 8

Setting the feed is by putting the pin at the desired time, it's all easy and fast.

Хранилка american hunter R Pro с аналогов таймер
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Automatic Analog Feeder American Hunter R-Pro
The American Hunter R-Pro Analog Feeder is an automated analogue clock device with pins to set the setup time.
The number of pins in the set is 8, which means you can make up to 4 different feed times.
The canteen is made of special plastic that withstands heavy weather conditions.
It is suitable for feeding any kind of game.
The tray is easy to install on all containers, barrels, drums and other large capacity containers.
The quantity of food that is scattered depends mostly on the condition of the battery and the purity of the food (it is advisable to be squeezed).
Power supply is powered by a 6V battery (not included in the package) you can select in the VARIANT box.
Subject to the above conditions, the amount of food disguised is as follows:
  • 450 g - 3 sec
  • 900 g - 6 sec
  • 1350 g - 9 sec
  • 1800 g - 12 sec
  • 2250 g - 15 sec
  • 2700 g - 18 sec
  • 3150 g - 21 sec

Do not use feed that has mineral dust in it and the grains/pellets are larger than 0.63 cm in size.


Feeding times per day
up to 4 times
Feeding time control
from 1 to 30 sec.
external battery (not included) 6 V
19,5 (diam) x 20,5 (height) cm
1.15 kg.


  • 1 pcs. Feeder kit R-Pro
  • 1 pcs. English manual


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