Feeder kit American Hunter Sunslinger with build in solar panel, 16 feeding times

Feeder kit American Hunter Sunslinger with build in solar panel, 16 feeding times

Digital timer
Circle feeding
6V battery powering
Solar panel
16 feed time per day
Week timer
Compact size

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The top product in feeder kit cathegory. Our best seller. Metal box and solar panel makes a huge different compare to other feede kits on the market.

Автоматична хранилка със вграден соларен панел
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Автоматична хранилка American Hunter Sunslinger с вграден соларен панел, 16 времена на хранене
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  • Automatic feeder kit American Hunter Sun Slinger

Electronic automatic feeder American Hunter Sun Slinger with built-in solar charger is designed to save time and moeny with automatic feeding and reduce the expenses for food supply to wild animals, birds and more. Through the built-in solar panel are reduced and funds invested in feeder kit itself.

When properly positioned so as to be shined on by the sun during the day, the solar panel powers the battery and the feeder itself. Feeder operates on 6V battery, which is sold separately.

Feeder can be mounted on all kinds barrels with large capacity, containers, buckets and others. The game can be fed in different days of the week and up to 16 times per day and can vary the amount of food with the help of the built-in timer. The food is spread in a diameter of 10 meters.
Information about the spread food depends mostly on the battery status and if the food is cleaned from sticks and others.
If you follow these instructions the spread amount of food will be as follows:

  • 0,450 kg – 3 sec
  • 0,900 kg – 6 sec
  • 1,350 kg – 9 sec
  • 1,800 kg – 12 sec
  • 2,250 kg – 15 sec
  • 2,700 kg – 18 sec
  • 3,150 kg – 21 sec

The mounting and the settings it is easy and simple.


Feeding times per day
up to 16 times
Feeding time control
from 1 to 30 sec.
Week timer
Feeding direction
Circle at 360° in radius of 10 meters
6V external battery (not included) V
15.2 x 48.3 x 12.7 cm
2.5 kg.


  • 1 pcs Solar feeder kit - sunslinger
  • Bolts and self-tapping screws set
  • 1pcs. English manual



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