GPS Dog Tracker G500FI Black Magnum, unlimited range

GPS Dog Tracker G500FI Black Magnum, unlimited range

2G - connection
Compact size

Tracker G500FI Black Magnum is a GPS dog strap that is easy to use and works by using your mobile phone. You can use the device anywhere in the world where there is a mobile operator range.

Проследяващо устройство за куче Tracker G500FI Black Magnum
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GPS кучешка каишка Tracker G500FI Black Magnum, неограничен обхват
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Tracker G500FI Black Magnum

Tracker is a communication system for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts, consisting of tracking collar for dog tracking applications and Tracker Live ™ cloud services. Tracker provides accurate position of dogs and your friends in any area in real time on high-quality topographic maps, satellite images or compass with communication within the group.

Powerful Tracker G500FI Black Magnum - GPS and Glonass tracking collar with an excellent reception of GSM networks. Sensitively determines the position and thanks to its experience tracking collars transmits to a whole new level. Great features, expert selection of high-quality mechanics combined with years of experience in the field differentiates these devices from the competition.

This collar offers all the features of the G400 plus:

  • Doesnt Lose GPS signal - a highly sensitive GPS and GLONASS receiver to reliably monitor the dog G500FI Black Magnum in very bad conditions.
  • Top GSM coverage - excellent reception by prolonged external GSM antenna provides reliable tracking dogs in areas with almost no signal. New - long 900 MHz optimized antenna is twice as sensitive as model G400.
  • Battery life - with G500 Black Magnum up to 50% better than that of the G400, i.e. from 20 hours to several days.

Tracker G500FI Black Magnum uses the best reception of the mobile network. Standing receiving mobile phone network in forests is essential for successful tracking hound. Your mobile phone and a GPS tracking collar for your dog allow for advanced data connection to the mobile data in real time.

Main functions G500FI Tracker:

  • Tracking dog over unlimited distances
  • Automatic sending the dog into positions topographic maps or satellite.
  • Remotely - without direct contact with the collar - you can set real-time tracking of renewal every 3 seconds or off, thus conserving battery
  • Automatic tracking of every minute after turning the collar
  • The possibility to call on GPS-ku and listen to the sounds of the environment in which the dog is
  • Strength Indicator Report (barking) dog at each position
  • Alarm messages (barking) dog
  • Notice of leaving a dog on the set of a compartment-distance
  • Tracker protection for sharing with your username and password
  • Update the software and upload the new application contactless mobile data over-the-air, older models (G400 and G400) it is necessary to update the fee in Tracker service.


Tracking Collar G500FI Tracker is the perfect device for:

  • for hunters who need a reliable GPS and tracking during a hunt to find and secure the dog if it is not returned
  • active dog handlers who want to equip their "best" hunting dogs
  • Nordic breeds for dog handlers to their maximum utilization thanks indicator reports and unlimited distances
  • for hunters who need a reliable GPS tracking during a hunt and found the dog safe after the event, regardless of the terrain and distances, if the dog does not return
  • use in areas with very poor GSM coverage
  • for users who want to take advantage of new features

Tracker G500Fi Black Magnum can be monitored with Tracker Software: Hunter Tracker 3, Tracker for Android, Tracker Hunter and Tracker for iOS WebApp

Note: The product is sold only upon prior request.


Muzzle option
Battery life: between 18 and 100 hours depending on bandwidth and tracking frequency mA/h
rechargeable 1950 mAh Li-Ion mA/h
4,6 х 4,1 х 8,5 cm cm
0.225 kg.


  • 1 pcs. GPS Dog Tracker G500FI Black Magnum



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