Hanging collapsible bag feeder American hunter with 45 liters collapsible bag feeder

Hanging collapsible bag feeder American hunter with 45 liters collapsible bag feeder

Digital timer
16 feed time per day
Circle feeding
6V battery powering
Week timer

Foldable easy to carry and fit, absolutely everything you need to start feeding right away.

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American Hunter AH-BAGKIT automatic feeder with folding 45-liter bag
The American Hunter AH-BAGKIT has a foldable 45-liter lightweight carry case and an innovative feeding method.
Initial feeding is unique in that the food falls only when the engine is rotated, as there are valves in the rotating mechanism which open only at centrifugal forces.
This type of mechanism opening ensures that food from birds, mice, squirrels and other pests is retained.
It is suitable for any kind of game, and the great convenience of the set is that it folds easily if you want to move the feeder to another area.
Provided with a digital timer with the ability to adjust daily meals: 1 to 16 times a day.
Adjust Spread Time for Food: 1 - 30 seconds.
When the rotating mechanism is actuated, the food will be thrown evenly into a circle so as to cover a perimeter of up to 7 meters.
Feeder supply is powered by a 6V rechargeable battery (not supplied).
The amount of scattered food depends on the level of the battery and the type of food.
With charged battery and food-free admixture (twigs and any kind of junk), the amount scattered will be as follows:
  • 450 g - 3 sec.
  • 900 g - 6 sec.
  • 1350 g - 9 sec.
  • 1800 g - 12 sec.
  • 2250 g - 15 sec.
  • 2700 g - 18 sec.
  • 3150 g - 21 sec.
The folding bag is made of breathable, weather-resistant material with a capacity of up to 45 liters.


Feeding times per day
up to 16 times
Feeding time control
from 1 to 30 sec
Week timer
Feeding direction
Circle at 360° in radius of 7 meters
30 sm
Bag volume
45 liters
external battery (not included) 6 V
Height when unfolded 75 cm
1.8 kg.


  • 1 pcs. Feeder kit with collapsible 45 liters bag
  • 1 pcs. English manual



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