Hunting camera with MMS UoVision UM595-3G and SMS control

Hunting camera with MMS UoVision UM595-3G and SMS control

3G connection
Powering with batteries type AA
6V battery powering
MMS internet
Time Lapse
trigger speed 0,9
Screen 2"
IR invisible
Hi resolution

Photo cap with 3G technology. SMS control.

Sent high-resolution photos.

The camera works with an app that you can download from the Google Play Store or iOS store.

Sends a 5 second video as an MMS or an email attachment via SMTP.

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Camera with MMS feature UoVision UM595-3G

Game camera UoVision UM595-3G with MMS function can be used as security and hunting video camera. It used 3G technology for data transfer.

The trail camera makes photos and send the captured 1280 * 960 high-resolution images to e-mail.

The camera works with SIM cards of different mobile operators.

The device works similarly to other MMS cameras, but it sends pictures up to 50% faster than other 3G cameras.

The distinctive feature of the Uovision UM595-3G Camera with MMC features is that it has an SMS feature that lets you control the camera remotely.

Uovision UM595-3G has a motion and heat sensor. Once the sensor detects and detects an object, the photos are sent in high resolution to a mobile device.

In most known hunting cameras with MMS, pictures that are sent are low resolution, they are compressed and with low detail of the image. In Uovision UM595-3G, this is not the case, the photos are in high resolution, and this is a significant advantage especially for security purposes, since the details are cleared and the detection of the offenders is significantly easier.

This Uovision UM595-3G camera generation with MMS feature supports the standard features most cameras offer on the market. It is equipped with 42 invisible LED infrared diodes, time lapse function, multi-picture function, but the two distinctive features of the camera are as follows: - fast and high quality transfer of photos with 3G connection - possibility of forced capture by application and sending of photo instantly by sms.

To be able to control the camera, it is necessary to have a smart phone that uses android,windows or iOS. To access and manage/open the resulting video or photo you need to have CamCtrl smartphone APP that can be downloaded from the Google Store Play or iOS store

IMPORTANT: To operate the camera, you need a 3G connection at the place of installation.

IMPORTANT: To work with the camera you need a smart phone to use Android or iOS.

IMPORTANT: Send a picture to a server that is accessible via an Android or iOS operating system.

IMPORTANT: The video that is sent as an MMS or an e-mail attachment via SMTP is 5 seconds long.

NOTE: To control the camera via SMS, you need to enter the command line number to control the camera. The SMS Switch must be set to ON, otherwise this feature will not work.


Detection range
18 m
12 Mpx
Trigger time
0.9 seconds
Picture size
12 Mpx = 4032x3024; 8 Mpx = 3840x2160; 4 Mpx = 2688x1520
IR flash 940 nm wavelength invisible
IR flash range
15 m
LCD display
2 "
Video size
640x480; 320x240
Video lenght
5 - 90 s
Video with sound
Burst Mode images per triggering
1 - 3
PIR sensor sensitivity control
Time Lapse
SMS control
Batteries AA - 12 pcs 1,5 V
External DC power supply
6 V
Operating temperature
from -20°C to +60°С
Trigger interval
Programmable - 30 s - 60 min
Picture stamp
Time-hour, date, temperature, battery level
SD card slot
from 1 GB to 32 GB
140 x 87 x 55 mm
0.35 kg.


  • 1 pcs. Camera with MMS function UoVision UM595-3G and SMS control
  • 1 pcs. Belt
  • 1 pcs. Antenna



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