Pulsar Axion XQ38 Thermal Imaging Monocular

Pulsar Axion XQ38 Thermal Imaging Monocular

Compact size
USB output
Hi resolution

Highly detailed thermal imaging observation and recording within a quite compact and lightweight size make the hunting use of this unit one of a kind. 

Монокуляр Pulsar Axion XQ38
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Термална камера Pulsar Axion XQ38 - монокуляр за термично изображение
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The Axion XQ38 Thermal Imaging Monocular offers highly detailed thermal imaging observation and recording within a quite compact and lightweight size. The detection range is of up to 1350m,  with a native magnification of 3.5x, and with another 4x digital zoom for a total of 14.0x magnification.

One of the features of the Axion XQ38 is a 384x288 17µm <40mK NETD thermal sensor. The NETD (Noise Equivalent of Temperature Differential), expressed in millikelvins (mK) is one of the most important parameters for thermal sensors as it describes their sensitivity. The lower the NETD value, the higher the sensitivity.

In existing different series models the NETD value was sub 60mK. The new <40mK sensor, the device performs a better image in conditions where there is a low-temperature difference such as during rainfall, fog or cold mornings. These environmental conditions are the hardest for thermal imagers and this new sensor provides a clearer image.

The Axion XQ38 is perfectly eqiupped with a robust magnesium bodyshell, an IPX7 protection rating (fully waterproof), 1024x768 AMOLED HD micro-display and works perfectly well in both hot & freezing weather.

It is equipped with internal stadiametric rangefinder, which helps aid observers in estimating target distances with the height of known objects. in advance, the unit has up to eight colour palettes to help you enhance observation in varying conditions.

Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode, upon activation, displays a second image with magnification in the top part of the Axion’s display screen. This small image helps to zoom in on a target while retaining the rest of the field of view, maximising situational awareness.

The Axion’s built-in WiFi module gives you the chance to use Pulsar’s Free Stream Vision App. Stream Vision allows you to remote control the Axion, set-up the Axion as a motion detector, transfer & share images to your smartphone or tablet and even live stream footage to online web platforms. (Please Note: Stream Vision & WiFi functionality is only available to the non-key model.)

Moreover, Non-Key models feature an on-board photo & video recorder, that save footage directly to the devices 16GB internal memory.

The Axion has an instant start-up and an instant ‘display-off’ mode, which is beneficial to saving energy and prolonging the operation time and its dedicated B-Pack Mini Power System. The APS5 Battery Pack system gives you an ultra-lightweight, quick-change power option that provides hours of operating time. APS Battery Packs can be charged by USB through its intended unit or an APS Battery Charger. (Please note that the Axion XQ38 & LRF XQ38 utilise a different battery & charger to the rest of the Axion Series).

  • Small pocket-sized format
  • Long detection range
  • High magnification
  • Smooth digital zoom
  • HD Frost-Resistant display
  • Focusable lens
  • Dioptre control
  • 8 Colour modes
  • Instant Start-Up & "Display Off" mode
  • PiP mode
  • Built-In photo & video recorder
  • Audio capable
  • 16GB Internal memory
  • Stream Vision compatible
  • User friendly controls
  • Stadiametric rangefinder (Axion XQ38)
  • IPX7
  • Wide operating temperature
  • Multiple observation modes
  • Three calibration modes (Manual, semi-auto, auto)
  • Pixel correction
  • Quick-Change, rechargeable APS5 battery pack
  • MicroUSB port
  • Lightweight
  • Magnesium
  • Image Boost Technology


Battery type
Quick-Change, rechargeable APS5 Li-Ion battery pack – 4900 mAh
Field of scope
9.8x7.4 / 17.2x12.9
Operation mode
PiP mode
Operation mode
Instant Start-Up & "Display Off" mode
384x288 pix. @ 17 µm (NETD <40 mK)
0.35 kg
3.5 - 14 (x4 zoom)
Frequency step
File picture fortmat
.mp4 / .jpg
AMOLED 1024x768
Video size
Tiled of view
1350 m
USB output
MicroUSB port
Operating temperature
-25°C to +50°C
167x49x73 mm
Build in memory
0 kg.


  • Pulsar Axion XQ38
  • APS5 Rechargeable Battery
  • APS Battery Charger
  • Mains Charger
  • USB Cable
  • Case
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • Quick-start Guide



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