Used hunting camera LTL Acorn 5210 with MMS functions and invisible infrared backlight

Used hunting camera LTL Acorn 5210 with MMS functions and invisible infrared backlight

2G - White
Powering with batteries type AA
6V battery powering
MMS internet
Trigger speed 1,1
Screen 2,36
IR invisible

MMS features. Invisible backlight.

Suitable for security activities.

Ловна камера LTL Acorn 5210 MMС
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The LTL 5210 is an upgrade to the LTL 5210-A model, with an MMS module in the battery case. The photo-camera works and has all the features and parameters of the LTL 5210-A model, with the difference that there is an MMS module that lets you send photos to your mobile phone or e-mail.

We offer a special type of SIM card that you save on expensive MMS messages (for more information, contact us.)

In MMS mode, the hunting camera sends MMS messages at a lower resolution, but at the same time it also records high resolution pictures on the SD card. There are two MMS modes: 1. You can restrict sending of MMS messages by entering a value from 0 to 99 MMS in 24 hours, so in this mode, you yourself choose how many pictures to receive per day (of course, if no picture is taken you will not receive any MMS). 2. You can receive MMS with each captured photo by entering a value of 0 in the setting, meaning there will be no limit on the number of photos sent. In this mode, use the special type of SIM card that allows you to receive an unlimited number of MMS messages (contact us for more information).

MMS can be sent from 1 to 3 numbers at a time or from 1 to 3 email addresses. MMS status VGA = 640x480 or QVGA = 320x240 can be selected. The camera sends an SMS message with "Battery Low" notification of a low battery. Power consumption when shooting when the IR LED backlight is activated is +350 mA.

Of course, the camera can also be used as an ordinary hunting camera, having absolutely identical properties and parameters with the LTL Acorn 5210-A camera.

Here are the most important of them: a camera mode: "Photo cap - hunting camera".The first shoots photos and then shoots video; is equipped with a large display that has an additional zoom function in picture viewing mode; has extremely small size, excellent working capacity and very low consumption.

The camera is suitable for both hunting and security purposes. If you do not want to pay for expensive security systems to guard your remote villas, garages or estates, LTL Acorn 5210-M is all you need.

The camera has a 3-month warranty.


Detection range
20 m
12 Mpx
Trigger time
1.1 seconds
Picture size
12 Mpx = 4000x3000; 5 Mpx = 2560x1920; 3 Mpx = 2048x1536
Detection angle
Auto IR-cut-remove; F=3.1; FOV=52 °
IR flash 940 nm wavelength invisible
IR flash range
20 m
2,36 ''
Video size
640x480: 20fps; 320x240: 20fps
Video lenght
1 - 60 s
Burst Mode images per triggering
1 - 3
PIR sensor sensitivity control
Batteries AA - 4 or 8 pcs 1,5 V
External DC power supply
6 V
Stand-by current
0,4 mA
Power consumption
150 mA
TV output
USB output
Operating temperature
from -20°C to +70°С
Operation humidity
from 5% to 95%
Trigger interval
Programmable - 0 s - 60 min
Picture stamp
Temperature, moon phase
Picture info bar displays
On /Off
SD card slot
from 8 MB to 16 GB
140 x 89 x 63 mm
0.5 kg.


  • 1pcs. Used hunting camera LTL Acorn 5210 with MMS functions and invisible infrared backlight



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