Xinfrared T2 Pro World’s Smallest Thermal Monocular

Xinfrared T2 Pro World’s Smallest Thermal Monocular

Xinfrared T2 Pro World’s Smallest Thermal Monocular

Xinfrared T2 Pro
Термална камера Xinfrared T2 Pro
Brand Pulsar
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Xinfrared T2 Pro World’s Smallest Thermal Monocular
Deer at 787 Yards! With HD Super Resolution and 2-15X Zoom, you’ll easily identify hogs and coyotes at night from 500+ yards.
An essential tool for engineers and outdoor enthusiasts.
You can See it, It couldn’t See You
Exclusive non-exposure technology ensures complete stealth while you're outdoor. No worry about disturbing the prey. It can even be used for enforcement, patrolling, rescue, security monitoring, property protection, etc.
2×~15× Zoom to See Ultra-Long Distance
Xinfrared T2 Pro has an adjustable lens of 13mm ≈ lens of 18.3mm @17um.Swipe with two fingers to easily zoom in and out within 2×~15×, which makes hogs up to 660 yards away clearly visible.
With hotspot tracking technology and tactical mount, it can easily track fast-moving targets and automatically lock targets like elks and waterfowls.
Thermal Eye: Razor Sharp. T2 Pro is an innovative and revolutionary thermal device that opens up a whole world of possibilities for outdoor enthusiasts at night!
DIY reticles ensure that you can easily spot and hunt down vermin and nocturnal predators.
T2 Pro can be used both during the day and at night, making it superior to night vision devices that can only be used at night.
Xinfrared T2 Pro is a lightweight device that offers comparable technology to more expensive and bulkier thermal products.
HD mode (green eye): High Definition (HD) technology and InfiRay outdoor core provides ultra-clear and sharp thermal images. Highlight mode (red eye): Highlights the targets, especially when the prey is covered by dense forests and bushes.
Hunters often connect the T2 Pro to a pad, benefiting from the larger screen that enhances long-duration hunting without dizziness or headaches. Additionally, they employ DIY techniques involving extension cables or tripods, and occasionally pursue prey while in pursuit on a fast-moving car.
The Xinfrared T2 Pro can be utilized in various scenarios including hunting, wildlife exploration, patrolling, rescue operations, security activities, mountaineering, animal observation, camping, driving, and numerous other DIY home/industrial projects. With one investment, you get two features.
The T2 Pro is equipped with a user-friendly smartphone bracket mount and an optional metal protective shell. After collecting opinions from over 10,000 hunters, we have replaced the metal bracket with an adjustable back clip. This allows for convenient adjustment of the viewing angle according to your preference.
The package includes a smartphone bracket mount, extension cable, T2 Pro thermal monocular, lens cap, hard case, and an optional camera protective shell (additional accessory at an extra cost).
HD Recording Capability
T2 Pro combines superior computing power and an electronic compass into a thermal monocular. Record every shot in HD with Xinfrared T2 Pro - Thermal imaging kit and share it with your friends and family directly from your smartphone!


  • IR Resolution 256×192 @12μm
  • Focal Length 13mm adjustable focusing, lens of 13mm ≈ lens of 18.3mm @17μm
  • Observe Distance 1.8m×2m deer at 787 yards(720 meters)
  • NETD <40mK(@77°F,F#1.0)
  • Ninja Mode Hidden light will not scare preys away.(You can see targets, it couldn't see you)
  • Magnification 2×~15× continuous digital zoom
  • Dual Image Mode High definition mode/Heat highlights mode, tap to switch
  • Image Enhancement Digital Detail Enhancement (DDE)
  • Matrix IVTM Patented image algorithm
  • Hot Spot Tracking Tactical heat tracking
  • Dedicated Outdoor Palette Bird/White hot/ Black hot/ Red head/ Iron red/Rainbow
  • AI-Temp AI temperature measurement, accuracy ±3°C
  • Measurement Correction Temperature correction/distance correction
  • IR Reticle 7 shapes + 5 colors quick switching
  • Application Scenarios Smartphone / iPad / ergonomic handle / tripod / extension cable / car
  • Battery Life 300~480 minutes (Eg: Samsung Galaxy S23+ 4700mAh battery life 367 minutes)
  • Tactical Assist E-compass/ speed/ position/ weather/ time/ anti-exposure
  • FOV 13.6°×10.2°
  • Weight (with lens) <25g
  • Temperature Measurement Range 32°F~176°F(0°C~80°C)
  • Operating Temperature 14°F~122°F(-10°C~+50°C)
  • Dimension (with lens) 26mm×26mm×26.6mm
  • Video Storage (with lens) Photo and video saving function
  • App Name Xinfrared
  • Support System Android 6.0 and above system | iPhone 8 & iOS 13 above system


Battery type
Battery Life 300~480 minutes
Field of scope
Observe Distance 1.8m×2m deer at 787 yards(720 meters)
Weight (with lens) <25g
2×~15× continuous digital zoom
Operating temperature
0.025 kg.


  • 1 pcs. Xinfrared T2 Pro World’s Smallest Thermal Monocular Android or IOS With scope mount
  • 1 pcs. Android or IOS -T2pro Scope Mount



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