Night Scope Sytong HT-60 3-8x range up to 450m model 2022

Night Scope Sytong HT-60 3-8x range up to 450m model 2022

The Sytong HT-60 is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a reliable, high-quality and convenient optical sight for a variety of outdoor applications.

Нощен Прицел Sytong HT-60 3-8x обсег до 450м модел 2022
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Sytong HT-60 is the latest thermal sight designed for precise observation and detection of distant objects. This model offers a number of impressive features and benefits that will enhance your hunting, surveillance and other outdoor applications.
With IPX7 waterproof rating and high quality aviation aluminum alloy body, Sytong HT-60 is extremely strong and durable. It is resistant to drops, shocks, high temperatures, cold and dust, ensuring stable operation even in the harshest conditions.
The optical system of the HT-60 provides high image quality that meets military quality standards. The resolution, display effect, definition and color are industry leading, which provides a clear and detailed visual experience for monitoring, manual support and mobile video detection and recording.
The Sytong HT-60 is equipped with a large capacity battery that provides up to 8 hours of operation. This gives you freedom of movement and a long time of uninterrupted use.
With a maximum magnification of up to 8 times, the Sytong HT-60 allows you to observe objects at a great distance. The detection distance can reach up to 200 meters, and the efficiency is optimal up to 450 meters. You can zoom in and out continuously to target your targets.
The thermal scope is equipped with an infrared light that is synchronized with the lens to provide clearer night vision. This gives better image clarity even in low light conditions.
The Sytong HT-60 has a compact size and lightweight design, weighing only 450 grams (without battery). This makes it extremely portable and convenient to use in different places.
This model is equipped with a built-in infrared illuminator with an integrated range of 200 meters. Optionally, you can add an additional infrared illuminator to extend the range and improve visibility in dark conditions.
The Sytong HT-60 features a 1920 x 1080 video recording function that allows you to record precious moments and review them later. Additionally, the device has a built-in WiFi connection that allows you to share photos and videos with ease.
With the outstanding functionality, easy operation and long-lasting battery, Sytong HT-60 is the ideal option for wildlife monitoring, security and other outdoor activities.
The main features of Sytong HT-60 are:
  • Waterproof class IPX7
  • Resistant to drops and shocks up to 1200 G
  • Compact and light design (450 grams without battery)
  • Magnification of 3-8 times
  • Double-sided reset for greater precision
  • Focal length from 2 meters to infinity
  • Integrated infrared illuminator with a range of up to 200 meters (can be extended with an additional infrared illuminator)
  • Video recording with a resolution of 1920 x 1080
  • WiFi connection for sharing photos and videos
  • Continuous zoom in and out (3-8 times)
  • The frequency of the infrared illuminator is synchronized with the NV sensors, giving the best possible image clarity


Video size
920 x 1080
Tiled of view
450 m
rechargeable battery V
0.45 kg.


  • 1 piece. IRAY Saim SCP19



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