GPS dog strap Alpha 50 with receiver up to 14 km

GPS dog strap Alpha 50 with receiver up to 14 km

Powering with batteries type AA

With the GPS dog collar 50 Alpha can monitor your dog of 14 km range and to determine its location in the hunting.

GPS за следене и дресировка на кучета Alpha 50
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GPS кучешка каишка Alpha 50 с приемник с обхват до 14 км
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PS dog strap Alpha 50 with receiver up to 14 km

Тhis Garmin product you will keep track of every move your dog has.

The device is updated every 2.5 seconds by quickly determining the exact location of the animal even when it runs.

On the display, you can monitoring the dog's current location and passage history.

If you go to the Dog Track page, you will see a compass pointing to where the dog is located.

When many dogs are tracked, it is possible to zoom in on the map page so that all animals can be seen at the same time on the screen.

To reduce visual clutter, you can switch between Show All, Show Some, and Do Not Show by selecting the length of each dog to watch on the display.

You can also share the dog so that another person can see his location on the map along with the tracking compass.

Furthermore, by sharing the dog control code, another person can be configured and manage the dog's strap.

Use a T5 strap (sold separately) to transmit the location of each dog.
The Alpha 50 features a microSD ™ memory card slot that allows you to load more mapping capabilities.

You can add City Navigator® Europe NT, which allows you to see turn-by-turn directions on the road. In addition, with Alpha 50 supporting BirdsEye Satellite Imagery (1-year free subscription included), you can download satellite images of the device and integrate them with your maps.

Alpha 50 is compatible with Garmin Custom Maps, free software that transforms paper and electronic cards into maps to install on your device.

You have the option of more productive hunting with the BaseCamp ™ software that lets you view and organize maps, dots, routes and trails.

This free travel panning software even allows you to create Garmin Adventures that you can share with friends, family or other hunters.

BaseCamp shows topographic map data in 2D or 3D format on the computer screen.

It can also transfer an unlimited number of satellite photos to your device through to Alpha's free 1-year BirdsEye Satellite Imagery subscription.

Charge your laptop with the BaseStation software to turn it into a multi-dog tracking center (equipped with T5 straps²).

You see GPS information in real-time on your computer screen, making it ideal for search.

Tracking is possible even when the Internet and the mobile service of your phone are not available thanks to GPS / GLONASS.

The Alpha 50 is designed to be effective, easy to use, reliable and strong enough to withstand any hunting conditions. The device is waterproof to IPX7, and can be powered by standard AA batteries or an additional rechargeable NiMH battery.

The device updates every 2.5 seconds to track the location of the dogs more quickly. Alpha 50 can wirelessly share information about dogs with fenix 3 / tactix GPS watches so your hands are free and able to react faster.

 Through geysers and radius alarms, the device alerts you when the dog goes into or out of certain areas.

There are various functions that provide information about the sun and moon, tides, area calculations, hunting / fishing calendar, Geocashing mode, barometric altimeter. It is possible to transfer data from a device to a device. Built-in memory is 1.7 GB.

Note: The product is sold only upon prior request.


display: 160 x 240 pixels Mpx
Battery life: up to 20 hours mA/h
Живот на батерията: до 20 часа mA/h
65 k colour TFT display
USB output
SD card slot
display: 3.6 x 5.5 cm; 2.6" (6.6 cm) cm
transmitter : 6,1 x 16 x 3,6 cm cm
0.26 kg.


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