Stainless steel smoker Smokehouse with 400Х300Х310 with thermometer

Stainless steel smoker Smokehouse with 400Х300Х310 with thermometer

4 season

Fully equipped system for smoking products in a hanging state, as well as on horizontal bars.

пушилня с термометър
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Stainless steel smokehouse with a sloping roof, hydro cap, with a thermometer. Metal thickness - 1.5 mm.

Made in Ukraine.
Type of smoker: wood
Type of smoking: hot
Number of levels: 2
Construction: single-hull
Material: stainless steel
Heat source: open flame (grill, gas cooker)
Smoke source: sawdust
Grill or barbecue function: no

A stand can be ordered separately, steel, thickness 0.8 mm, 40 * 31 * 30 cm - BGN 45.

The main advantage of this smokehouse is that it has a sloping roof. It helps the condensate to run down its wall and get into the water cap without dripping on the smoked products.
The smoker is made of quality stainless steel, which guarantees a long service life.

The smoker is quite compact, but with a large capacity. It easily accommodates a large chicken, several kilograms of chicken wings, and about 3 kilograms of fish.

The products, hot-smoked in a stainless steel smokehouse, are beautiful, but most importantly - delicious.
Fish is cooked in 20-40 minutes, chicken in 35 to 60 minutes, bacon in 30 minutes.
Can be used at home.

Principle of operation: pour sawdust on the bottom of the smokehouse (under the grease tray), place the products on the grill, put the roof. The smoker is placed on a heating surface and water is poured around the perimeter of the roof (this is the so-called hydro cap).
The roof has an opening with a welded exhaust pipe, which can be fitted with a smoke hose through a window or to a kitchen hood.
When smoke starts to come out of the opening, the time is detected - the process has begun.

The smokehouse has a beautiful appearance and is a wonderful gift for a husband, friend, or any lover of active holidays.

External dimensions:
height 310 mm
length 400 mm
width 300 mm

Dimensions of the smoking chamber:
Height 250 mm
length 350 mm
width 250 mm
Smoking capacity: 5 kg

Metal thickness - 1.5 mm
Weight - 11 kg



400Х300Х310 mm
11 kg.


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