Used motion sensor Caliber Hunting with two sensors detection range 10 meters, range 100 meters

Used motion sensor Caliber Hunting with two sensors detection range 10 meters, range 100 meters

Easy to use, both sensors increase detection area.

Receiver sensors help in hunting from a jackal, do not strain your eyes as they give you freedom not to turn on night vision devices permanently, but only when you are sure there is a presence of game

Датчик за движение Caliber Hunting
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Motion sensor Caliber Hunting with two sensors and a receiver

The Caliber Hunting Motion Sensor is equipped with two sensors and a receiver. Simplified and functional system for detecting a moving object.

The set includes a receiver and two motion sensors. The object detection system is extremely easy to use. Attach the two sensors to the spot you want to watch, the receiver is in you or near to you no more than 100 meters. Check that the system is working properly by going through one sensor and then the other sensor, if everything is set up properly, an indication or a beep appears in the receiver.

The distance to specification is 100 meters, but this is the ideal condition (completely new batteries and direct visibility), the actual distance is about 70-80 meters. Factors that affect negatively are: weak batteries indirect visibility (shrubs, trees) and others.

To achieve the maximum distance between the transmitter and the receiver, it is desirable to have charged and new batteries, direct visibility and no obstacles (branches, shrubs, leaves, etc.).

The set includes headphones that are used for silent operation. When the game or object enters the detection area (about 10 meters), the sensor sends a signal to the receiver wirelessly, after which the receiver emits a beep accompanied by a light indication and vibration. The signal is transmitted wirelessly.

The CaliberHunting sensor is suitable for various types of hunting (night hunting, hunting in a low visibility area and dense vegetation).

Sensors are used in security activities as well as presence alerts and especially when you want to know what's coming into your territory.

Note the batteries are sold separately


100 meters
Detection range
10 m
Headphones output
Light, sound and vibration
Detection angle
90 degrees
Receiver - 3 pcs alkaline batteries type "AAA" 1,5 V
Sensor - 1 pcs alkaline battery 9 V
1.2 kg.


  • 2 pcs. Sensors 
  • 1 pcs. Receiver



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